Parrot Bebop Drone Review

The drone looks like almost any other quadrocopter. It has four exposed propellers on four extended arms that surround a tube-like body. The arms attach to an under plate, which supports a polystyrene body containing the camera and a tray for the battery on rubber buffers that help neutralize vibration.

Parrot Bebop Drone


Bebop looks pretty cool. Compact, streamlined, and made of strong yet flexible materials. From the foam cockpit to the guitar pick-like propellers, every part of the Bebop feels like it could easily survive a crash.

The camera is built in a pretty cool way that is right into the nose of the craft, and it is stabilized on four red rubber balls integrated into the frame. This is unlike most camera drones have a big camera mount. The flight time of about 10 minutes is long enough to achieve some good aerial shots.


The Parrot Bebop, while being a toy sized drone, possesses a set of features that drive pilots and photographers can absolutely enjoy.

It is eight times more dynamic than its AR counterpart. Freeflight 3 technology allows users to focus on the pleasure of flying. It allows pilots access to piloting, flight plans and image capture. It also offers them control of their speed settings and altitudes. The Bebop’s navigation computer uses a dynamic, Parrot dual core P7 CPU and a powerful four-core GPU. Its flash memory is an outstanding 8GB.

This quadcopter has two, dual-band, WI FI antennas that allow it to send frequencies of 5 Hz and 2.4 GHz. Parrot’s drone experts fitted this aerial vehicle with its own 802.11 WIFI network. Called Parrot Cloud, it enables pilots to store and share their aerial images at once. This means that photographers can send the footage that the drone captures at a frequency which suits their needs. And also the Bebop’s 14 megapixel, 1080p camera is the center of the show. It’s mounted right smack in the middle of the drone, and everything else seems to be built around it.

The Bebop fits in any haversack, it can easily be assembled and dismantled with its llightweight of only 0.90 pounds (410 gram) that makes it very portable. It has an amazing speed of 42.6 ft/s (13m/s), a very fast fly for a drone of this kind.


Besides being able to fly with the help of an optional transmitter, pilots can fly it by using a smartphone compatible application, iOS and Android users.

However the Bebop does not allow users to add Go Pro cameras, but its camera is of high quality with a bit bulky transmitter and it is actually compatible with a smartphone.

In a nutshell, the Parrot Bebop drone is sleek and user friendly; it is also a portable and fast drone with a good camera like the “eyes of the eagles”, and a very durable one at that. This drone is a fantastic toy that allows users to go beyond just flying it around and crashing into things and make interesting videos and take photos from a completely new perspective. – drones for sale review