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Drone Related Media

California 2007 UFO Drone Hoax (Marc D'Antonio)

(UFOHunters - Hist Channel) Mufon Analyst Marc D'Antonio on why he believes the Drones are faked. Marc is the owner/president of fxmodels.com and was asked by Mufon for his expert opinion on the Drone images, in the following clip Marc elaborates on the reasoning behind his conclusion that they are hoaxed.

California 2007 UFO Drone Hoax (Marc D'Antonio)

Capitola Dragonfly Drones Spotted On Fox News [HQ]

Short Fox News Report on the two Private Investigators charged with locating the utility pole and the hopefully Raj, the photographer of the Dragonfly Drone. Commissioned by OMF, perhaps the end is nearing for a collection of some of the most intriguing UFO reports of recent times.

Capitola Dragonfly Drones Spotted On Fox News [HQ]

Fox & Friends - News Report On The Capitola Drone UFO

Another Fox News Report On The Dragonfly Drones, this time it’s courtesy of Fox And Friends, (A UFO Cold Case).

Fox & Friends - News Report On The Capitola Drone UFO

[Hist] UFO-Hunters - 2007 Aerial Dragonfly Drone UFO

A couple of clips from the UFO Hunters that pertain to the 2007 Drone flap which was inspired by the release of several high quality images and ultimately an alleged whistleblower (Isaac) and his subsequent leaking of secret documents into the public domain via a free web host which purportedly showed details of reverse-engineering alien technology.

[Hist] UFO-Hunters - 2007 Aerial Dragonfly Drone UFO
KSBW.com News Report
On The Drones.
KSBW.com News Report On The Drones

SaladFingers Drone Video
( Kris Avery's Website)

Saladfingers finished his Drone music video (Droneonline's soundtrack), it was very professionally done:

OK, after a marathon of creating this. From Drones original and amazing track to a few months work on the animation, and then the nightmare encoding and uploading...

Here it is!

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.. and Drones tune never grows old! Love it!


SaladFingers Drone Video
Some Of Saladfingers' Other Work
Some Of Saladfingers' Other Work
Drone UFO (2007) Brief History
The Drone UFO (2007) Brief History