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Two of the lesser-Drones that attempted to hitch a ride off the original Drone images are admitted to be hoaxed. But to be fair no-one had ever accepted them as anything other than a blatant fake as they paled in comparison to the original images in almost every aspect, and (again) there's the fact that this was disclosed to Linda Moulton Howe with no reply or action forthcoming.

Proof Of Drone Hoax Ignored By LMH?

This is really a follow-on from the, "Location of Drone Stephen Photograph" page as in very similar circumstances the same thing happened, and of course if this denial/refusal to reply to any person who contacted LMH with evidence that questioned the truthfulness and thus the credibility of the witnesses or proof of a hoax was to happen once then of course the benefit of the doubt should be offered. But it has also transpired that two images which were later reported to Mufon via their Case-Management-System were in fact hoaxes. These too were sent to LMH along with an explanation that they were hoaxes with the hoaxer identifying himself, explaining his methods/reasons and indeed admitting to the hoax.

They were perpetrated by someone calling himself, "Walter" who wanted to admit to the hoax so he contacted LMH a couple of times but never heard a reply back. He eventually contacted the DRT who dutifully published his account and in doing so brought to light what can only be termed as a total disregard for the truth and facts which is consistently shown by LMH & Earthfiles.com

  • How many similar emails have been ignored?
  • How can it be that NO Drone report slips by LMH
    yet people who have information contrary to the reality of the Drones are repeatedly ignored?
  • Several contact attempts, their corresponding claims and stories are ALWAYS denied an audience.
  • Investigative reporter?

Another 4 images sent by Walter as proof he was the Hoaxer.

"The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively not by the false appearance of things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice."