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The ‘Dragonfly Drones’ & The LMH Effect

It has become impossible to discuss the history of the California Drones without mentioning Linda Moulton Howe (LMH).

Regardless of what anyone’s opinion is of LMH it can not be denied that she was instrumental in the Drones achieving the notoriety that they now hold, this was achieved NOT just by reporting on them at her Earthfiles.com website but also due to her constant appeals for further witnesses, her self-aggrandizing statements, her mistakenly touting a YouTube video that was CGI as the real deal, her systematic and often scathing dismissal of any research that contradicted her own, her misrepresentation of the timeline, her choosing to only publish emails that further validated any aspect of the Drones, her complete lack of acceptance or even acknowledgement of many, many emails she was sent that raised validation issues or even discrepancies in her precious Drones etc. etc. etc.

She also published all of her telephone interviews with subsequent witnesses who answered one of her many, many appeals and it nearly always appeared to me that the vast majority of their testimonies were only tenuously related to the original sightings, if at all. And as for the interviews themselves, the questions asked go well beyond simply leading the witnesses as many asked for corroboration of what LMH already accepts as fact rather than requesting the witnesses own opinion often appearing to put words in their mouths.

The following was from something I wrote on April 7th, 2008 called, “The Drone UFO Timeline - Explained?” which was intended as a direct reply to the Drone timeline that LMH had very recently published.

As regular readers will know I've been interested in the Drones since the story first broke, I've participated in many forums on the subject of the Drones and met many, many people, all of whom I hold in high regard regardless of their opinions and I've also offered regular commentary on the Drones as any new events occurred.

Since the story is quickly unfolding courtesy of the labours of two Private Investigators I wanted to make a couple of observations.

I fear that the relevant information regarding the Drone UFOs is in serious danger of becoming obfuscated beyond recognition. Linda Moulton Howe (LMH) has published what she calls an, "Eyewitness Timeline" of the Drones, somewhat selectively including/numbering Drone reports that were ONLY submitted to her, or reports in which she had some part to play.

So if you see or know anything about the Drones while I encourage people to submit their information to LMH, I would strongly recommend that this is NOT your only means of disclosing what you know. Especially when you realise that in a couple of months or so, your information will for all intents and purposes became of the, "Pay Per View" variety, due solely to the, "Unique" way that LMH moves her archived material to her (paid) subscribers section.

Indeed the photographs of the Drone that were taken at Big Basin which she was sent numbered 12 in total. Images she was sent with the sole intention of getting the information out there for public dissemination. LMH scanned and resized the images which greatly reduced the resolution before releasing them. This justifiably caused an uproar among the online UFO community and after she received many, many emails over this refusal to release the images as she received them and as intended, LMH finally released ONE of the TWELVE images she received at a resolution which was high enough to enable a more thorough analysis. Now it's coming up to nearly a year since she received these images and she STILL REFUSES TO RELEASE them!!

So not only does disclosure come at a price it seems that integrity does as well.....

Just in case anyone thinks I'm exaggerating regarding the analysis, here's the difference from what LMH released compared to the hi-res version. The red rectangular section is from the ones she released and both are of the same section of the Drone.

This was also evident when she graced Ricky Sorrells of Stephenville, Texas with her presence. As it was on condition that she revealed the exclusive. Ricky said that he vaguely remembered listening to her on a radio program years ago while on a road trip and her name clicked with him. It was the only familiar name he knew and she promised to do an investigation so he agreed not to talk to anyone else until she could make the trip from New Mexico. LMH stayed with Sorrells and his family to conduct the investigation (as was reported by Angelia Joiner in the Empire Tribune on Monday, February 4, 2008).

"I told her everything I knew and showed her my property...After she left, I felt I had honored my commitment with her. Things have settled down a little and I feel free to talk about the experiences I have had. I just didn't want to do anything that would interfere with her investigation because I want the truth. "

So here's what I think is a less biased representation of events, firstly here's a list of the ORIGINAL DRONE WITNESSES whom captured photographs and submitted them to various websites. These are recognised as being the original Drone witnesses as they submitted photographs along with their reports. And of course we must not forget Isaac whose release of classified information appeared to be the grand finale, the show-stopper. Still to this day amidst increasing calls for an encore from Dronies the world over, Isaacs silence remains deafening.

These ORIGINAL reports and Isaacs release of information number six in total.

Yep, you heard right, merely six in total, irrespective of what you read elsewhere!!

I will elaborate and explain in more detail a little later.



Date Submitted: May 10th 2007
Date Sighted: End Of April 2007

Mufon 7013

Date Submitted: May 12th 2007
Date Sighted: May 5th 2007


Date Submitted: May 20th 2007
Date Sighted: May 16th 2007

Stephen/Jenna L

Date Submitted: June 6th 2007
Date Sighted: June 5th 2007

Ty B

Date Submitted: June 16th
Date Sighted: June 5th 2007

Isaac Documents

Date Submitted: June 26th 2007
Date Sighted: N/A

Anyway, back to LMH's, "Eyewitness Timeline" of the Drones and as LMH says:

"I think it is valuable to review first what happened last year and then look at the time line of eyewitnesses who have seen dragonfly craft since at least 1987. "

In my opinion this above statement is misleading to the point of purposeful misdirection, firstly as LMH doesn't include TWO of the original sightings in her timeline and secondly the sightings may be dated back to 1987 but we only have the accounts of witnesses to verify this fact as EVERY SINGLE SUBSEQUENT REPORT APPEARED AFTER THE FACT.

So perhaps this should have been more clearly stated?

As I mentioned earlier there are really only five witnesses who submitted their reports accompanied by images (excluding the Alabama submission as it was dated 2006).

(LMH's) Eyewitness Timeline 1987 to 2007

1) 05/30/2007 - Birmingham-Type "Drone" Barksdale AFB, in Mid-1980s
2) 06/22/2007 - Dragonfly "Drone" Seen October 1995 in Arizona
3) 05/25/2007 - Two More Eyewitnesses of Aerial "Drones" in 2005 and 2006
4) 05/25/2007 - Two More Eyewitnesses of Aerial "Drones" in 2005 and 2006
5) 06/08/2007 - More Drone Photos and Other Eyewitnesses
6) 06/08/2007 - More Drone Photos and Other Eyewitnesses

A year later on May 5, 2007, in Lake Tahoe , California , a person identifying themselves only as MUFON Submitter 7013, submitted two photographs of a dragonfly-shaped drone to UFOcasebook.com.

I have had no independent communication with that photographer.

7) 05/16/2007 - Updated: Odd Aerial "Drones"?

8) 05/21/2007 - Updated: Odd Aerial "Drone"? Photographed Again Over Capitola , California

Then in early June 2007, UFOcasebook.com received a photograph of a more complicated and more sinister-looking version of the dragonfly-shaped drone allegedly photographed in the Big Basin Redwoods State Park of California, northwest of Santa Cruz , on June 5, 2007, by a person calling himself "Stephen."

I have not had independent communication with him.

9) 06/17/2007 -More Big Basin, California , Bizarre "Drone" Images
10) 06/29/2007 - Another "Drone" This Week Near Maxwell AFB
11) 03/07/2008 - Mysterious Aerial "Drones" in Oklahoma and Arkansas
12) 03/07/2008 - Mysterious Aerial "Drones" in Oklahoma and Arkansas

I'd like to be able to say that this oversight by LMH is due to no more than exactly that, i.e. an oversight. Or even a negligent omission but unfortunately it appears that it is 100% intentional, the UFOCasebook.com Drone she mentions but doesn't include in her timeline was accompanied by three photographs which CORROBORATE the twelve photographs she was sent, from the SAME area and on the SAME day!!

Why not include what surely is a major piece of evidence in the timeline?

Is this just because she had no part to play in them?

Are these the actions of an unbiased, "Investigative journalist?"

Also the Mufon 7013 report that she decides to omit from her timeline was in fact dated as the second sighting in 2007 of the Drones.

Does this not warrant a numbered inclusion in her timeline?

Anyway, here's a revised timeline of events but rather than list the reports in order of the dates it is claimed they were experienced (for which there is no verification) I've listed them in order that they were submitted as we know FOR A FACT that these dates are correct due to the dates they were published.

Revised & Complete Timeline Of Drones
Green Bck: Original Reports - ALL WITH IMAGES
Yello Bck: LMH Reports Only - NO IMAGES


Date Submitted: May 10th 2007
Date Sighted: End Of April 2007

Mufon 7013

Date Submitted: May12th 2007
Date Sighted: May 5th 2007


Date Submitted: May 20th 2007
Date Sighted: May 16th 2007

Stephen/Jenna L

Date Submitted: June 6th 2007
Date Sighted: June 5th 2007

Robert Mariotti

Date Submitted: 8th June 2007
Date Sighted: 17th May 2006

Anonymous Mother/2 Sons

Date Submitted: 8th June 2007
Date Sighted: 10th June 2006

Ty B

Date Submitted: June 16th
Date Sighted: June 5th 2007

Anonymous Hiker

Date Submitted: 22nd June 2007
Date Sighted: October 1995

Shirley P

Date Submitted: 25th June 2007
Date Sighted: May 2005

Military Subcontractor

Date Submitted: 25th June 2007
Date Sighted: May 2006

Isaac Documents

Date Submitted: June 26th 2007
Date Sighted: N/A

Technical Specialist

Date Submitted: 29th June 2007
Date Sighted: 25th June 2007


Date Submitted: 30th June 2007
Date Sighted: 1987

Jane Smith

Date Submitted: January 6th 2008
(Witheld until March 7th 2008)
Date Sighted: June 2003

Melody McIver Thaxton

Date Submitted: January 6th 2008
(Witheld until March 7th 2008)
Date Sighted: November 20th or 21st 2007


Date Submitted: April 4th 2008
Date Sighted: March 31st 2008

As you can see all the details regarding the Drones didn't exist until after the initial report was made by Chad on May 10th 2007 which was a report of his sighting which occurred end of April 2007. So while it may be correct to claim that these Drones have been seen for over twenty years, however NONE of them were reported anywhere until after Chad reported his at the beginning of May 2007

So perhaps you think this is all much ado about nothing? Well have a look at LMH's opening gambit to her two recent posts regarding her incomplete/distorted Drone timeline.

"March 21, 2008 Albuquerque, New Mexico - It's ironic that in March 2008, a TV network such as FOX in New York City and the cable distributor, History Channel, would finally do reports about the strange, aerial, dragonfly-shaped craft that first showed up in 2007 photographs - a whole year after events without doing any substantive research. Their sarcastic reports have left viewers with the false impression that the photos were all from California and most likely CGI/Photoshop creations. Neither conclusion is true.

Why did FOX have a segment about the dragonfly drones? Because the Los Angeles Times on March 18, 2008, headlined: "A UFO Cold Case" with a photograph of two private investigators named Frankie Dixon and T. K. Davis. The two were hired by a European group to track down one of last year's eyewitnesses who photographed a dragonfly machine over a power line in Capitola, California , on May 16, 2007.

The eyewitness photographer's internet name was Rajman1977, not "Raji" as written in the L. A. Times photo caption. Superficial and inaccurate reporting by television and other media about complex phenomena is notorious and misinformation continues about the 2007 dragonfly-shaped, aerial "drone" photographs ."

Comes across as more than a little bitter, don't you think? "The two were hired by a European group."

On April 6th (2008) I enquired of the, "European Group" if LMH was aware of their work at resolving the Drone enigma and if so from what point in time, the reply was:

"For many months she has been told of our endeavours."

The, "European Group" is actually a small group of members at the Open Minds Forum (OMF) who have formed what is known as the, "Drone Research Team" (DRT). And for many months LMH has known about them, yet she still couldn't bring herself to call them by name or provide a link to the forum?

Also on March 8th one of the DRT conducted quite an in depth radio interview with LMH, offering her a foreign (French) audience as well as publicly supporting her, yet she still doesn't provide a simple link to their research forum after mentioning their efforts, efforts from which she also benefited. Also all of the members of the DRT defend LMH intensely regarding her motives as they relate to the Drone sightings, a commendable stance to adopt, especially so in the face of such unreciprocated respect.

Kris Avery a.k.a. Saldfingers

Kris Avery - Inspiration For SaladfingersInfamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me......

If you've followed the Drone story for any length of time then I'm sure you're well aware of Kris Avery. He's the person responsible for creating the Drone music video which he put to the music of another OMF member called DroneOnline. It's no secret that LMH harbours ill feelings towards Kris, in fact she mentions this at practically every opportunity. What isn't such common knowledge is why this is the case, so allow me to offer my opinion as someone who has been involved with the story since back when the Drones first hit the internet.

Kris is a professional and competent CGI artist who has been interested in the UFO phenomenon since he was a child and like many of us when the Drone images were posted he wandered into the UFO forums to offer his opinion. He happened to suspect that the Drone images were well crafted CGI and was quoted by Mufon in his capacity as a CGI expert and subsequently stated that he thought they were CGI.

Here's a comment from Kris in which he states what I believe is the reason for all of the ill-feelings from September 9th, 2007:

"When I came across the drone images for the first time, I was led to the OMF via old fashioned bulletin boards in Outlook. That was where I had always read up on the general goings on.

I had a very strong feeling about the Chad drone being CG from my Professional viewpoint. So I created my drone out of sheer interest while I sat in my office with my Fiancée. She played coloured lines, and I messed about in 3D.

I'd never felt compelled to join a UFO forum before. Not on a website anyway. But I was really quite convinced that it looked 3D. I still maintain that...I am entitled to my opinion. So I joined OMF, as there was some good conversation going on in there. It seemed to be a group of logical, and sound thinkers...

I posted up my opinion, and I also posted up a few pics I had done of it.

Later in the day, I thought it would be cool to see how my drone model would look moving. So I created a little animation out of interest. I chucked it up on YouTube (because I've got no idea where else would be better to put it that doesn't charge). I thought those on the OMF would like to see what it might look like if it was in video.

Totally innocent. I wasn't looking for a mass audience, I didn't even think anyone would give two hoots. I thought it would be nice to add something that i could do. It wasn't to prove anything.. it was to see what it looked like in motion.

Spin on a couple of days. LMH in her investigative glory goes and reports the video as real. Not animation, despite the fact it was labelled as CG.

All of a sudden it ends up everywhere.

If you were shocked.

Then I was flabbergasted!

It seemed crazy!

It didn't even look real.

But non the less. It happened.

Something I did out of all innocence was thrust into the limelight by Linda 'no fact checking' Howe. She could have said "I don't know if this is fake or real, I need to look into it as I haven't had the time". No one would have complained at that.

But no, she said categorically.. "IT IS NOT ANIMATION."

Here is the Youtube video...


If LMH hadn't made this ridiculous claim, then i would have sunk into the background. No one would have referenced me, it would have been a small side note in the case-file.

The fact is she did.

She did this not me ."

Source Of Confusion For LMH

Another fact is that Kris has constantly said he has nothing to do with the original Drone images and every time it has been mentioned that he has then he's vehemently defended his participation and consequently the Drones.

A little earlier I mentioned the post that LMH has made regarding the Drone timeline history, which she even went so far as to title the report:

"Part 1, Dragonfly-Shaped Aerial Craft: Current Media Misinformation Versus Eyewitnesses 1987 to 2007"

You may remember she accused the media in general of: "Superficial and inaccurate reporting," as well as stating:

"It's ironic that in March 2008, a TV network such as FOX in New York City and the cable distributor, History Channel, would finally do reports about the strange, aerial, dragonfly-shaped craft that first showed up in 2007 photograph"

I'll tell you what I feel is ironic, the fact that LMH has the audacity to publicly make such statements in which she accuses the media of doing exactly what she did a few months ago!! And she still won't hold her hands up and say it was her mistake, rather attempting to lay the blame at the door of the mass media & DroneOnline, Kris Avery, or whoever else exposes her failings and shortcomings, possibly I'll be next...

Saladfingers (Kris Avery) & DroneOnline - Drone Music Video

When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers. (Colleen Barrett)

Fast forward to a couple of days ago (April 4th , 2008) and LMH spots another chance for a bit of public, "Salad-tossing."
On April 4, 2008 she wrote:

"Scotts Valley, California - A video has been circulating on the internet for months as 'Kaptive' - a CGI rock video manipulation of the dragonfly aerial drone photographs that first emerged in May to June 2007. Not only is it a manipulation of the photographs, the CGI operator named Kris Avery took my Earthfiles podcast news reports about the dragonfly drone phenomenon and edited in my voice and voices of people I've interviewed without asking permission.

Now he has sent a letter to io9.com explaining his manipulation of the photographs and states that since making his video, 'I have been accused of being the originator of the whole drone saga, and the photos were in fact just a viral campaign to promote the eventual video. This is definitely NOT the truth.'

What is the truth is that a dozen people came forward to me to describe dragonfly body-shaped aerial craft each had seen. Their reports span a time line of twenty years from 1987 up to mid-November 2007, including California , Louisiana , Arizona , Alabama , Arkansas and Oklahoma locations. Now, another dragonfly aerial craft eyewitness has emerged - a sighting as recently as Monday, March 31, 2008. The two private investigators, who were hired by an international group to track down dragonfly drone eyewitnesses in the United States , talked with me on Tuesday evening, April 1. Tom Davis is the owner of TK Davis Investigations in California after retiring from police detective work. Tom hired another retired police detective, Frank Dixon, to join him on the TK Davis Investigations of the mysterious dragonfly drones. "

Points of note: (emphasis mine):

"CGI rock video manipulation of the dragonfly aerial drone photographs.

Not only is it a manipulation of the photographs.

Explaining his manipulation of the photograph."

It's not a manipulation of the photographs, if anything it's an artistic expression of them, an interpretation. In fact Droneonline who created the soundtrack has just answered a similar question at OMF with quite a profound quote....

"Art is moral passion married to entertainment.
Moral passion without entertainment is propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is television."

(Rita Mae Brown - posted by DroneOnline)

"The CGI operator named Kris Avery took my Earthfiles podcast news reports about the dragonfly drone phenomenon and edited in my voice and voices of people I've interviewed without asking permission."

Kris Avery done no such thing, he was supplied the music track by fellow OMF member Droneonline.

"California - A video has been circulating on the internet for months as 'Kaptive' First emerged in May to June 2007."

Kris Avery CreationThe video she is mentioning (as shown earlier) was the one that SHE mistook for real, and this looks like the one she is referring to as the music video didn't make an appearance until the very end of September 2007. I believe with her gripes regarding a couple of her sentences being used is testament to the fact that she's well aware of this. But her misplaced anger which was a result of being careless in her reporting of the video back in May (which she declared as real) is blinding her to the facts and I feel this is evident in the above example.

"The two private investigators, who were hired by an international group to track down dragonfly drone eyewitnesses in the United States , talked with me on Tuesday evening, April 1."

As well as failing to say which website the DRT are from (again!!) she has changed the location from, "European" to, "International" which I assume means she's starting to at least take an interest in their research and perhaps their findings.

I feel it prudent to stress at this point I have no axe to grind with LMH other than an investigative reporter is laying the blame for all things CGI at the door of people who have done nearly as much as herself to bring the Drone phenomenon to light. There will be many who disagree with me and no doubt many of her subscribers will be among this number. And also her failure to provide a simple link to the DRT speaks louder than words, as does her actions/inaction to date.

If you torture the data sufficiently, it will confess to almost anything. - (Fred Menger)

On a final note, I'll leave you with snippets from couple of forum posts I made at the end of September last year regarding what in my opinion was/is the failings of LMH to release the hi-res Drone images...

But don't you wish you knew what it appears LMH knows?

I feel that it's beyond the realms of possibility that LMH has received all of these, "Professional" emails claiming to further advance the credibility of the entire Isaac saga, and hasn't once thought,

"Hmm I'm 100% sure I have the real deal here, in fact I could single-handedly force full disclosure!! I may as well have them authenticated so that they are beyond reproach by handing out a couple of the ACTUAL photographs to trusted friends and experts in the relevant fields."

Even if this entailed supervising the images every step of the way, the ends surely justifies the means?

We all know LMH is a very shrewd operator; she had to have been to attain the loyal following, semi-celebrity status and media power that she wields today. Sure she's had her ups and downs, her wins and losses, but that's what happens when you conduct your investigations in, "Real time" and in the public eye. (This may also explain the hesitance to publish her findings so quickly this time around, whatever those findings may be.)

If anything this makes LMH more likely to verify any evidence personally, as she's a tough cookie and should be very hard to fool (again), remember the (Southern I think) old adage immortalised by Bush's less than perfect recital,

"Fool me twice, fool on me."

Or perhaps she hasn't been fooled at all. Perhaps we are the fools and the joke is on us!!

So do we not credit LMH with practising one of what surely must be a fundamental and the most basic of protocols, i.e. get everything independently verified!! (Then ideally get at least a second -and hopefully corroborating- opinion/hypothesis!!)

Can we really safely assume that LMH hasn't had any of the Big Basin images checked out?

Who knows, this could be why they can't be released to the baying crowd of forum members, CGI experts etc. because they are already doing the rounds with the relevant experts.

Personally I don't think this is the case but I do think that LMH would have had an independent analysis done on at least ONE of the original images by now, even if just for her own peace of mind before she pushes forward with any more disclosures from Isaac.

So, if you'll further indulge me in this thought process, then I feel it at least alludes to the possibility that LMH knows, "Something" she doesn't as yet want to reveal. "Something" she may have known since she received the Big Basin images, but that, "Something" wouldn't keep the subscribers happy so she humoured all involved and sent a particularly nasty email to Isaac knowing full well that he is no more a whistle blower than the Big Basin Drones are, "Huge" in size?

Or maybes she pre-warned Isaac then purposefully misled the PTB into thinking that her and Isaac aren't as close as they are, or that they aren't in contact?

Maybes I grossly underestimate LMH, maybes even as I type this she's putting together irrefutable evidence and irrevocable proof that will conclusively determine the origins and credibility of the, "2007 Drone Flap," one way or another.

But somehow I doubt it..............

Possibly part of the reason that she has still failed to release the images is that it will prove conclusively what her unannounced status is in the disclosure game, whether that be the, "Player" or the, "Played."

"Don't hate the player/s, hate the game?"

What I was trying to say without actually spelling it out was that I think it's incredibly naïve to think that LMH hasn't had any of the original images analysed.

BUT, that wasn't so much what I was getting at as I believe that LMH would have had these images professionally analysed by now, what I was getting at is there could be an easily recognizable error in the original images which becomes impossible to detect once they are manipulated (cropped, resized, sharpened etc.) for posting to a website. And it's because of an error such as this that LMH has turned her back on the community that she's SUPPOSED TO SPEAK FOR. Or at least the community she represents in some small way, and to people who are observing from outside the community LMH is probably seen as the more presentable and respectable side of UFOlogy!! (Even if it's an obviously tainted and diluted view.)

Because after seeing her sporadic reporting on Isaac and the Drones (now you see it, now you don't!!) there must be some reason that we are not aware of that LMH consistently blows hot and cold over the whole issue. And if you accept that LMH would have had these images analyzed by now (which I do) what other reasons could there be for her not reporting in a more professional and investigative style?

I feel this has gone well beyond the realms of jealousy and getting, "One over" on her critical and cynical peers, I feel as I have said before that this failure to release the images for investigation plants her firmly in the unenviable position of lead conspirator.

Hopefully if she ever visits any UFO forums she may see one of the many posts that are similar to this one and may realise that the people who used to look to her for answers no longer even factor her into the equation.

I think I may credit her perceptiveness a little too much though and the chances are she'd just sneer at any such criticism and simply keep up the pretence of being a credible reporter, while ignoring any and all requests for knowledge THAT SHE WAS TRUSTED TO CONVEY!! As remember, we are not asking her to break anyone's trust because she was passed this information FOR THE SOLE REASON OF PUBLISHING IT IN ITS ENTIRETY!!

She is acting unethically and betraying the trust from those who looked to her for answers as well as the trust of every single person who has emailed her regarding the Drones, yes that even includes the anonymous and, "Professional people" who see fit to waste their time contacting her. And the recent experts who frequented the forums have tried to answer intelligently questions that are asked of them, but all of them within a couple of days or so have stated that they need the originals.

Wouldn't now would be the perfect time to share the wealth that LMH s currently hording?

Unless of course there's something she doesn't want us to see......


"The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively not by the false appearance of things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice."