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Drone Report Analysis From Torvald
(Open Minds Forum Member)

The forensic study of photographs begins with a basic study of lighting and perspective. In this case, we were provided with two photographs which readily lent themselves to task - pict0016 and pict0017. Both photographs included the same telephone pole which, with data obtained by examining the exif data, acted as a virtual gnomon freezing time. The exif data reported the time and date as being:

pict0016: 2007:05:16 17:42:58
pict0017: 2007:05:16 17:43:02
Utilizing a source from the U.S. Navy (google search for sun altitude and azimuth), it was possible to generate a minute by minute altitude and azimuth for the sun on this date and time. The data returned was:

Astronomical Applications Dept.
U.S. Naval Observatory
Washington, DC 20392-5420

Object: Sun
Year: 2007
Month: May
Day: 16
Tabular Interval: 1 minutes
State or Territory: California
City or Town Name: Capitola (reported), and San Jose (suspected after recent discoveries on OMF)

o , o ,
W121 58, N36 58 (36.976250, -121.954750)

Altitude and Azimuth of the Sun
May 16, 2007
Pacific Standard Time

Altitude Azimuth
(E of N)

h m o o

17:42 15.8 282.5
17:43 15.6 282.6
17:44 15.4 282.8


o , o ,
W121 53, N37 18

17:42 15.8 282.4
17:43 15.6 282.6
17:44 15.4 282.7

With the utilization of 3d software, it was possible to verify the sun solution to the shadows of the telephone pole in the photographs using a sun azimuth of 282 degrees and altitude of 15 degrees. The unknown object was not considered in this portion of the examination and awaited a perspective analysis so that a model could be created and accurately placed into the scene for analysis.

With the lighting solution plotted and verified and determined to be correct (for the telephone pole and the exif information), a perspective analysis was undertaken in order to understand the relation of the unknown object and the scene. Without a perspective study, accurate camera matching would prove virtually impossible. With perspective, one could accurately plot the x, y and z axis of the unknown object and translate pitch, roll and yaw.

The perspective solution can be seen by examining ref: 004.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

The red lines represent the vertical or "z" axis. All lines converge to a common vanishing point relative to the camera (real or virtual). A horizontal line drawn at this point creates a virtual horizon for camera matching. Lines subtending from the vanishing point must be parallel to the elements in the scene. This can be verified by examining ref: 004 and observing how the lines are indeed parallel to cross arms and pegs with zero (0) distortion correction applied to the original image (pict0016).

ref: 005

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

Examining the solution calculated by software against the data reported by the Navy, one can reasonably conclude that the shadows are accurate and exactly match the pole in pict0016. One can also see that the virtual model of the pole and the position of the virtual camera match that of pict0016 to a reasonable degree. This demonstrates the model, the sun solution, the perspective solution and the camera matching solution for the virtual pole are reasonably accurate when referenced to the pole in pict0016.

Now that the model matches the data, the unknown object can be created and accurately scaled and positioned into the scene.

Please refer to ref001, ref002 and ref003.

[edit to add ref001, ref002 and ref003]

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

The wireframes are depicted against the backplate images pict0016 and pict0017. One can reasonbly conclude that the scale and position of the unknown object accurately matches that of the photographs.

Ref: 006

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

depicts the scene as observed by the camera in pict0016 with the addition of the unknown object's position taken from pict0017. According to the exif information, the unknown object moved from position (a) indicated to position (b) indicated in four seconds.

Ref: 007

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

is like Ref: 006 but instead depicting the scene observed by the camera in pict0017. Unknown object positions a and b as referenced above.

Finally the shadows on the unknown object can be studied. Cursory examination shows that the shadows on the unknown object in the photographs differs from that in the model recreation. This suggests that the unknown object was composited into the pict0016 and pict0017. Using occam's razor we can reasonably conclude that the unknown object is a cg creation skillfully composited into pict0016 and pict0017. This realization calls into question the veracity of the rest of the photographs submitted by rajman and one can reasonbly conclude that the photographs are hoaxed.

ref: 008

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

depicts a scene that took less than 15 minutes to composite. Camera distortion, motion blur and grain matching have been applied creating a scene that, if textured and chroma'd, would be convincing with the added benefit of having accurate shadows and lighting. In real life, pole would be projected onto scene geometry or a clean backplate would be manipulated. It would be rendered by compositor software and final touched in photoshop or similar.

ref: 009

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

With a little imagination, one can begin to see the potential.

I include ex1a (rendered image) and ex1b (alpha mask) and encourage you to experiment for yourself using gimp (free) or photoshop to see what is possible.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

ref: 010

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

another view of the recreated scene. I have just moved the camera to another viewpoint.

[Edit History]
5SEP08: edited to add images ref001.jpg, ref002.jpg and ref003.jpg

I reserve the right to edit this post as necessary only for clarification or to add to the information above and will indicate edits where added. No edits will be made to change or alter original text or imagery. ~ Torvald

The images are donated to public domain with the provision that they remain unaltered. Images ex1a and ex1b are donated to public domain and may be used freely and altered as the user desires with no attribution required. ~ Torvald