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Drone Report Analysis From Radi
(Open Minds Forum Member)


  • I have worked in the Graphics and Visual Arts field since the early 90s..
  • I have worked with all sorts of applications from Amapi to Z-brush and lots in-between..
  • I am average in some, expert in others...Illustrator, Photoshop is on that expert side.......
  • You can also find me over here still creating for this company or you can click on my sig...
  • Some of these textures can be found being sold online and in Second Life.....................
  • Also I have had many different computers and operating systems to work with and on...

Of Honesty and Integrity......

A public investigation that I had assisted in can be found here....

  • Did some research and created a quick and easy methodology for unpacking machine code for the average user to do some string analysis.........
  • This led to the company changing their licences and taken down some of their software...
  • But other investigations by myself and a few others also led to this type of stuff still going on..
  • This type of investigation cannot be done without 100% accuracy and honesty or face big time lawsuits..............
  • Also another note to add is that much like others I have also had an interest in UFOs and the field of UFOlogy...I have myself have had odd experiences and have some photos myself that I cannot explain no matter how hard I try...........
Please read the beginning of the thread and Marvins analysis of KK/LL..

Chads images 2 and 4 seem to have the same issue with them..The only difference is the background changes drastically in scene and location of the photographer..But the drone seems to stay the same size...
This is another drone that only seems to tilt and rotate....

Gifs created by Marvin....THANK YOU MARVIN

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

Again I will post this from another thread about the tilt and rotation..

Heres some more examples to also think about....These models in each example have used the same size model...These are not re-sized models they have only been rotated at a center point...As you can see in the examples as the part of the model gets closer to the camera it gets bigger...When it is further away it gets smaller..But where it does not change size that is the part of the model that does not move..Thus this is the center point of rotation...It is very possible that is what is happening in these drone images....They are moved in 3d space and then composited into an already existing photo.....

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

My thoughts about this set of images is that the drone is moving in 3d space and then is composited in a real photograph......

Thus making by default the rest of the photos in this set suspicious of also being composites of a real photo and a computer generated craft...