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Drone Report Analysis From Kris Avery
(Open Minds Forum Member)

I submit the beta version of my analysis of the differential lighting directions apparent in the Raj photograph PICT0016.jpg

I am not the originator of the finding, but have attempted to display the concept in its clearest possible terms.

All I will say, is that the drone model I have used in this beta presentation is not a 100 percent perfect match to the drone seen in the original images. The model is a very close approximation minus a few elements. The 'vents' at the rear have not been included in this version, and the inset angle of the 9 'clamps' on the bottom of the Raj drone are also not completely accurate. The half sphere triad shape is also not a perfect match. But for the requirements of this test, the model is perfectly fit for purpose.

Any slight inaccuracies of the model are insignificant when we begin to see just how much difference in angle there is between the light that illuminates the telegraph pole, and the light that illuminates the drone. No small variations in the model can possibly account for the huge discrepancy in lighting.

Even if the lighting direction, or the drones tilt is adjusted the few degrees that interpretation would allow, there is no possible way for the lighting to match both the drone and the telegraph pole at the same time. This is the bottom line, and the only conclusion I can personally come to is that the drone was never in the original photograph when it was taken.

Kris Avery

Reference images and video

  • The red line is the angle of the sun for the telegraph pole
  • The green line is the angle of the 'sun' for the drone

[Note: The source of light for the drone is more or less on the horizon, if not actually below it!]

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

Kris Avery

Kris was previously known as, "Saladfingers" and is a professional CGI artist.

His website may be viewed at: Kaptive 3D Animation Studios

Kris Avery is the person responsible for the excellent animation video of the Drones which was very well received and a testament to his CGI skills. He was also quoted by MUFON in their Drone PowerPoint presentation, below is the video and a couple of images Kris has created. To see his portfolio as well as much more of his work then please visit his website: Kaptive 3D Animation Studios

Kris Avery Creation (Kaptive.co.uk)
Kris Avery Creation (Kaptive.co.uk)