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Drone Report Analysis From Jeddyhi
(Open Minds Forum Member)

Found this to be odd. I was playing around again with 'Image J' and was washing out photos (slowing turning them white). I did this with a Ty photo and I noticed that the drone completely disappeared into the white sky while trees still remained detectable. When comparing the darkest shadows in the trees to the darkest shadows on the drone, the drone appears lighter, lacking the contrast seen in the trees. Is it because of this lighter contrast that the drone disappears first?

Here is the regular photo. Notice how dark the shadow in the trees are compared to the darkest shadowing on the drone.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

Here is the white out. Watch the drone disappear before the trees.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

As a control test, I also tried it with Rajpic0016. The pic that recent research has showed to have two separate light sources causing wrong shadows. While the photo may have two separate light sources, the light sources appear to be evenly matched in intensity. The artificial light shining on the drone closely matches the real light shining on the pole. It may be coming from a different angle but nonetheless gives the drone a nice matching contrast that matches the pole. This is why the Raj pic looks more realistic than Ty's at first glance. As I whited out the photo, everything was effected at the same rate. The drone phased out at the same rate as the pole.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

To test my theory of the BB drone not matching the photos contrast and natural lighting and therefore whiting out of the picture first, I contrasted and darkened only the drone to properly match the rest of the photo. Here is a gif showing the normal drone and then after I contrasted it so the drone would have shadows as dark as the trees.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

I then performed the white out test again using the pic with the darker drone. The drone and the trees faded out uniformly this time.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

Summary: Is this evidence of faulty lighting in the original Ty photo?
A dull, lighter drone lacking contrast and disappearing first because the lighting is not properly matched in intensity?

Signs of a hoax that I can't easily dismiss are small in number but big in being 'tell tale' signals.

  1. All of it being submitted (targeted?) to the internet by anonymous sources.
  2. Beautiful, crystal clear daytime photos (somewhat rare in Ufology) where two different photographers were both amazingly able to get underneath the thing and capture the infamous "glyphs". What good would the hoax be without showcasing the glyphs. An aspect that will surely intrigue the targeted audience, no?
  3. Not one witness wanted to file a report with authorities. Not one. With these amazing photos to back their claim, none felt the need to report to the authorities to at least document their sighting on an official police blotter.
  4. No actual raw image data directly from a memory card. No memory card analysis at all.
  5. The evolution of the Drone as the sightings progressed.
  6. Stephens sighting location has determined that he was just outside Saratoga , nearer to Castle Rock State Park than Big Basin State Park , where the report said that he was "in or around the Big Basin area. This anomaly can be perceived as deflection to try and keep the location a secret so as to mislead any investigators.
  7. Chad photos reported to be around Bakersfield but it has been proven they were not. This is serious deflection in my opinion. The argument that Chad lied to LMH to protect his anonymity is weak. He could have simply left out the location completely. "I'm sorry,I can't reveal my location at this time". To pick a completely different location and claim that that is where he had his sighting could be another attempt to derail investigators and preserve the hoax.
  8. Isaac Caret. Here is a real problem. The thing about Isaac is this. You can't believe the drones to be factual without believing Isaac as well. It is a package deal. You can't have one without the other. If Isaac Caret is true, so must be the drones. If the drones are true, so must be Isaac Caret. The convenient appearance and timing of the mysterious, anonymous Isaac raises a red flag for me. Here is just the guy to re-enforce the whole thing as true, present cool stuff like the LAP, pictures of parts, an amazing story dating back to the 80's. Perfectly convenient. I may be different than most but it seems to me that anyone with any Skeptical analysis would see this as a red flag too. Isaac states this is all based on Alien Technology. There is no out now. This is not some manmade technology using manmade propulsion. It is Alien in nature. That was the final fishhook into the mouths of Ufologists. Isaac is a fisher, not of men, but of Ufologists. Draw the target in then mesmerize them.


None of what I listed proves a hoax. And I am not trying to prove hoax. I am simply stating where my attempt at objective, skeptical analysis has lead me. And if more info comes out, I'll re-analyze my position.

Source: Open Minds Forum - Analysts Summary Findings Thread