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Drone Report Analysis From 1111
(Open Minds Forum Member)

The main image I will be analysing in this post will be PICT0016 from Rajman1977 supposedly taken on May 16, 2007 at 5:42 p.m. from Capitola, California.


Jack of ALL trades.

I am a software engineer, graphic artist, animator, and professional game developer, and I specialized in electrical engineering, computer hardware, and network systems, with about 11 years of experience. I have been reverse engineering PC applications and games for more than 9 years (hacking). I also was a professional mechanic, carpenter, machinist (government contracts), and a custom thermal/acoustical insulation engineer (government contracts), which all required me to be an expert in thermodynamics and metrology, which made me an expert at "measuring" with many different instruments.

I have reverse engineered and modified the inner workings of games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator versions 5.0, 5.1, 95, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, and now M.F.S. X with Direct X 10 hardware support. I added my own custom designed aircraft, and modified their flight characteristics that were all based off of real world physics and aerodynamics with which I am also highly knowledgeable.

I have also reverse engineered and modified PC versions of the ENTIRE SERIES of Grand Theft Auto. Starting with versions 1 and 2 which were mainly 2 Dimensional (2D) graphics dealing with pixel sprites and animation. Then moving to GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas which were 3 Dimensional (3D) game engines that dealt more with 3D mesh/polygon models and collision detection models, and various "dummys" also known as "nodes" for programming actions in a 3D environment.

I also have modified (added game content) and reverse engineered games such as Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, and Battlefield 2.

I also have a lot of experience with game engines such as the Unreal Engine 1, 2, and 3. Source Engine.Doom Engine (id Tech 1, 2, 3). And may other game engines dealing both with OpenGL, and Direct X/Direct3D Application Programming Interfaces (API's).

I have uncountable amounts of time using programs such as 3D Studio Max, ZModeler 2.0, Maya, Blender, GMAX, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and many other random graphics programs.

I am also an expert in virtual 2D/3D lighting effects/illusions. I have experience with creating all types of Environment Maps, Lightmaps, and Bump Maps, and using Vertex shading.

I also have many years of developing with ThePalace.com (2D pixel sprites/animations/script programming), There.com (2D/3D modeling), and SecondLife.com (2D/3D modeling, script programming). I also know many computer languages such has HTML, PHP, CGI, JAVASCRIPT, C++, C#, and all version of Visual Basic (VB.net and below), and many other private object oriented programming (OOP) languages. I also own 4 websites, and 1 business.

I have much more experience which would take much more time to explain, but I wont. To summarize, I know a great deal about quantum physics, psychology, astronomy, alchemy/chemistry, biology, and occult science, and many other theories from the greatest minds in history. Basically I am very knowledgeable about light and matter.

I am also taking classes to become a Private Investigator. ;D


I found many lighting and shadow inconsistencies in many of the "drone" images.


The first step in my investigation of the lighting inconsistencies was to find the Azimuth (direction) of the Sun in the image. Do not confuse this with the Altitude (angle) of the Sun. The best way to find the direction of the Sun in PICT0016 is to use the main post of the telephone pole as a measuring device. Since the telephone pole is round we can determine the direction of the Sun much like you would by looking at the current phase of the Moon.

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

By finding the line where the shadow meets the light on a round object, you can estimate the direction of the light source. Usually, exactly half of the round object will be lit, and the other half will not. Using this logic, I have created two illustrations showing my calculated direction of the Sun in PICT0016. I noticed that the shadow line is pointing almost directly at the bolt/fastener that is holding the wood cross members at the top, and this could be used determine the direction of the light source, as show below:

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

To further prove that the calculation is correct, I used 3D Studio Max to create a 3D cylinder, and set up a sunlight system to show how the shadow would look with the Sun in that direction.

Sun Direction A1:
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

However, there are many people who believe the Sun direction shown below is correct.

Sun Direction B1:
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

As you can see, Direction B1 can not be correct because the shadow line on the telephone pole would be more to the left.

So Direction A1 is the correct Sun direction for the telephone pole.

Now, we can do the same calculation on the "drone". We must imagine that the main round body of the "drone" is like the telephone pole, and find the Sun direction. I made two rough illustrations using 3D Studio Max shown below.

Sun Direction A2:
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
Sun Direction B2:
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

As you can see, A2 does not look correct, and, I believe that B2 looks more correct.

This would mean that the telephone pole and the "drone" both have different Sun directions!

The image below illustrates both Sun directions in the same image.

Conflicting Sun Directions:
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

If the "drone" had the correct Sun direction of A1 and A2, then there would be a huge missing shadow under the largest armature. This shadow would exist because of the Altitude (angle) of the Sun at the time the picture was taken. By looking at the shadow created by one of the wood cross members on the telephone pole, you can get a very close estimate of the Altitude (angle) of the Sun.

Since the telephone pole should be vertical ( 90° ), and the shadow is creating nearly a 70° angle, and 90 - 70 = 20. This means that the Sun is about 20° above the horizon. This would make the time of day about 5:20 p.m. on the day of May 16, 2007. But, EXIF data from the original image says the image was taken at 5:42 p.m. There are multiple reasons why my calculation would not match the EXIF data. I will list a few reasons, but not all:

1: I rounded off the angles to make it simple ( I did ).
2: The EXIF data is not correct, or has been modified.
3: Rajman's camera wasn't set correctly (low battery, dead battery, battery removed, set from an incorrect clock, etc.)
4: The curve of the camera lens, and the perspective of the photographer changed the angle by 5°.

No matter what, that Altitude of the Sun is between 15° and 20° which should create a downward shadow from the large armature of the "drone" if the "drone" had the correct Sun direction as shown in Direction A1. Below is a few illustrations that show where the missing shadow should be:

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

Here are 3D renders showing all possible angles that would create the shadow, rendered and modeled by the user SPF33:

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis
DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

Now I will explain why I believe the shadow is missing.

If the "drone" was casting shadows from the Sun Direction A, it would create the missing shadow, and would also light up certain parts that have shadows, as shown below:

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis

But, the "drone" is casting shadows from Sun Direction B, which is lighting up the section where the missing shadow should be, and casting a shadow from the large armature towards the other body part usually called the "liberty spikes", as shown below:

DroneHoax.com - (Drone) Image Analysis


My conclusion is that the "drone" is a Computer Generated Object (CGO) that was rendered with an incorrect Sun direction, and then superimposed on top of a real photograph of a telephone pole that has the correct Sun direction. These two different Sun directions, in my honest opinion, explain many of the lighting inconsistencies and render problems that others have faced, and also prove that this image is a "cut and paste" CGI hoax, and that the rest of "drone" images are also fake.