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Location, location, location!!
(Stephen , Chad and Rajman1977 Drones)

The known locations of the Drone reports are yet another red flag as it proves undoubtedly that the witnesses lied, firstly we had the reveal of the Stephen (BigBasin) Drone location, and the fact that prior to this release it was disclosed to Linda Moulton Howe with no reply or action forthcoming.

Location of Stephen Drone Photograph - MarsAve (Paracast Forums)

The DRT were responsible for hiring the Private Investigators who made several appeals for information relating to the (now infamous) utility pole which is visible in the Rajman1977 images. After appearing on several high profile news websites and even television someone contacted the PI's with details relating to the sighting of the 'Stephen' Drone location.

This announcement was met with great praise and rightly so as once the location had been verified then measurements could be made which could hopefully determine the plausibility of the Drone physically being there as well as the possible dimensions of it.

Once the fuss died down a little it transpired that a member of the Paracast forums had already publicly posted this fact back in August JUNE 2007, several months before the PI's became aware of it. Also after a little further research it also transpired that it was in fact MarsAve who had contacted the PI's and divulged the information for a second time (third if you count LMH was also informed of the real location).

MARSAVE - Paracast Forums (09-13-2007, 06:35 AM)
Thread:I need help on Drone & Issac story

I need search help -

Those familiar with the 'Big Basin' CA., Drone photos near Santa Cruz , CA- and later 'Issac' posting about the CARET technology - can someone help me find the original stories on the web. I particulary want to find the posting about the 1st photos - if I remember correctly - they were posted on C2C about a female photo-club leader who submitted photos from a Male club member- later picked up and published by Linda Moulton Howe and Earthfiles.com. earlier this year-and the continuing saga.(Which I highly suspect is phony).


I have photos( one attached by me) of where the photos were taken -I found the place..!- this puts a very bad light on the whole story and CARET - in my opinion. The person submitting the story of the Drone is now claiming the photos were taken in Big Basin State Park by a bicyclist group. I found the exact spot, and it is NOT in Big Basin State Park ..far from it.

Should Linda Moulton Howe retract the whole story if she cannot prove the photos from the bicyclist were taken in Big Basin ? I did send them the photos a week ago - but are probably too busy to respond- I haven't heard yet---I disclosed to her website, my true ID so she can verify everything I told her off-line, that I am not faking these - and offered the RAW photos from my digital for independant investigation. What do the readers of this forum think she should do? ( and yes, I know most people think the Drone is phony as I do - but what about Issac and CARET and LMH retracting the whole story and making it public..?)

if the attached photo shows- this photo is the ecaxt location the drone pic was taken, the link above has the original submitted photo to look at both, but I don't know how to put them side by side...but my picture, numbers the tree line and background - same place-tad farther back - but same view. There is more to this photo location I will reveal later -


MarsAve Images Proving False Location Of Drone Sighting

Source: The Paracast Forums

After I found where the alleged 'Big Basin Drone' - photo was taken - and posted those here on another thread - I feel it's a BIG hoax- the whole Drone thing. I wrote George Noory a few days before Linda Moulton Howe(LMH) was on C2C last 9/26/07 - sent him the 2 photos I took of the location, and sent a series of questions to ask LMH. I have heard nothing back- and he didn't bring it up on the show.

A thread called, "Stephen's location photographs" started at OMF
on the 21st March 2008 by DRT founding member 'elevenaugust'.

Hi all!

Thinks are really growing up!!

We have the exact place where Stephen took his three photographs on 5th June 2007

Here's the email we received from the guy, we will call him "Tom", who find the place:

1- "The attached photos are related to your Drone Investigation. I took one of them, the other I saved off of the Coast To Coast website when they 1st

became public. I highly suspect this is a layered photo.

The photo with the Drone in it, I tried to label it, similar to the photo I took, after I found out where the photo was taken-with the numbers added for proof it was the same tree line. The photo seem layered. The reason I knew where the photo may have been taken, is because I used to work in the area, for PG&E-as a meter reader. Though it was several months before I actually drove to Saratoga,CA to look in 2007, I knew right away when I saw the photo, that it was Saratoga, and not Big Basin State park, as the original photo posting on Linda Moulton Howe's www.earthfiles.com website stated. In fact, I even wrote Linda Moulton Howe(LMH) explaining what I found and questioning the validity of the drone photos, questoning how the photographer could have mistaken the location, all LMH did was correct the caption on her website to change the location of the tree line photo, to Saratoga - I highly suspect her credibility now.......amongst other articles I have read of hers about this one subject. I'll have to search my folders to see if I kept those letters. I'll left you see them."


I think he's wrong with the alleged false location:

From the witnesses:

From Jenna :

"My name is Jenna and I participate in a listserv for photographers in * Saratoga *, CA. Today a member named Stephen posted some pictures he took yesterday (the 5th) for *a *class assignment *in the area around Big Basin *.

From Stephen :

"yesterday i was up *around big basin* for I disagreeignment"

They never said he was INSIDE Big Basin Park .

Here's the exact place:

Some other comments from Tom:

"The 3rd photo posted (on the bottom) on the link above - the ridge in the backgroud is up above Saratoga,CA - commonly refered to as Bohlman Rd Ridge when I worked that area. There are far too many homes in that photo for this to be taken in Big Basin-even though he did state he was 'up around Big Basin' he's still quite aways away from Big Basin-maybe this was near the Summit at Hwy 9 and Hwy 35. Highway 9 is referred to as Big Basin Wy - but based on the sun-angle - this is about 1-2pm..and definetly in the Highway 9/Sanborn Rd area.. The view is looking east - and I'd guess the photo was taken either on private property( there are hundreds of homes up in this area - many private roads in this area off highway 9)- maybe 4-5 miles west as the crow flies from Bohlman Rd off of Highway 9 -another landmark location is this photo had to be taken east of the Camp Swig area- looking back towards Saratoga,CA........

This area is very wooded, and some areas are more open, but to get a photo of the Bohlman Ridge from the vantage point taken, would lend me to believe it was taken on private property with a view of course, which means the photographer was very lucky to grab a photo of the alleged craft - or it offered an opportunity to take photos from the deck of a view home......? of course I am stating I don't believe this is an off planet UFO - I lean to Robotics and RC(remote control) combined. Also, Sanborn Park is in the area but I feel the angle is off for a photo from there,(too close) though flowers would be plentiful in that area in the park, based on his article. But, anything west of Sanborn park - there really isn't too many vantage points to get Bohlman Ridge in the background from public roadways-everything else are private roads.."

Chad 's Location

Then we have the location of the Chad Drone. This was announced on OMF on the "Chad 's location photographs" thread on the 28th March, 2008 (yep, that's only seven days after the Stephen location was revealed). I should also point out at this juncture that the DRT NEVER revealed the Chad location but it was learned by an image posted by them in which the map coordinates hadn't been removed and now, nearly a year later MarsAve himself revealed the source and also revealed that he also hadn't been in touch with the DRT during this period.

This reveal was interesting for several reasons, of course there's the fact that another location was identified, then the fact that yet another location wasn't where it was claimed by the witness, perhaps more importantly still was that it revealed that Chad 's cell-phone image had been flipped (horizontally) prior to release and this wasn't the most surprising revelation. No, the most surprising revelation was that the same location had been identified by the same witness, i.e. MarsAve (originally of the Paracast forum).

This was realised as almost ten months after the location was released,
MarsAve joined OMF and posted the following comment (6th January, 2009):

Hello to all.

I am going to post a statement here....and I did not crack the case.

after reading several websites for the last 2 weeks, gathering information, and seeing the guessing game going on, I've decided to offer a bit on this Forum only. I may or may not answer your questions...the reason being is very simple. I just plain do not have the time to sit and read and answer....very sorry I cannot partake, but since I offered photographic information on the Drone near Saratogas and Santa Cruz Summit earlier in the year and part of 2007 - I thought it would be fair to shed a bit of light on the subject, and correct a few misnomers.

Believe me when I tell you I am not a TYPIST..........!!

This posting here will take me considerable time to type- then go back and correct the errors. One of many reasons why I don't do this anyways....I just plain can't type. I use 2 finger hunt and peck method,,,,,

Ok. Ist off, I apologize for not responding to "whoever' was e-mailing me off-line months ago to go on-line and talk about the photos. Very sorry. I think I answered one e-mail...sorry. Both my Parents died in 2008 - my Mom in January - and my father in Seattle April 2008. Niether left a Will and the Probate work is horrendous....still on-going. So for all of the "Arm-chair Detectives" out there...that is a 'reason' someone may go silent...................yes, I actually have a Life,,,no slight to anybody reading this. I don't have the time. PERIOD!

As far as the 2 Private Investigators under TKDavis Investigations, they are very thorough, very nice Men - and I stand behind them and their credibilty 110% in their work. BFD on the T-Shirts. ...in fact, I may buy one as I need some new clothes to wear... - They have all of my info and contact numbers - I requested anonymity - which I may or may not explain here....but it isn't anything sinster. I just wanted my privacy for a few reasons.....but I have felt compelled to set some items straight.

There are a hundred items I've read about in regard to what I was involved in, but the one thing that made me go 'Silent' was the discovery and posting of my real name. That p*ssed me off big time...even though I have nothing to hide.....several posters here and other sites- such as MUR and 11Aug and others, stated it correctly....imagine yourself suddenly being thrown into the limelight. Posting my name seriously jeopordized part of this Investigation. Major reason I went Silent. Whoever thought they needed to do that - needs to go back to ' Armchair Detective School on Etiquette.." Sure, I have several monikers I have used and was 'found out' by some surfer, but the subject matter on those websites are mundane. I was that easy to find.....my postings on www.black-triangles.com and othersites are normal stuff. I read certain websites - but usually don't partake for reasons stated above. But the 'finding-out' angle like I was the Hoaxer was laughable....Geez, I gave all of my info to the 1st E-mail & photos of the Saratoga,CA - Big Basin Hwy area to LMH - and she never answered....so it was like, 'why should I care...?? People want to remain private for many reason, but in my case, I had an outlet to give information, but I am only a small part of the story - and I never wanted recognition - hopefully people reading this will let it lay. I won't be doing any interviews nor seek any fame. My finding of the photo locations isn't all that mysterious - other than I have a fairly good recollection of places I've been too...was why I remembered. The Hoax angle made me write LMH at 1st - only to set the story straight - I never thought in 2 years it would be such an issue. My earlier postings back up my statements.

' I feel 1000% the Drone photos are Fake - and looks to me, from my photographic experience, to be (old school..I'm over 50yrs old..) 'Superimposed' photos. The lighting isn't right.......I've been an Aviation photographer for 40+years, I have amassed a jet collection of over 150,000 photos and 25years of airliner & Railroad videotaping "as a hobby only"... and the photos look 'superimposed' to me....nowdays called CGI fakes..? Photoshopped? Flat out they look Fake just from the photographer's point of view - without any computer knowledge at all. One of my other downfalls, I don't know jack about computers, other than e-mailing and attaching pictures, and re-sizing photos in my crummy PS2.0 that came with the camera when I bought it, that's about all I know on computers. But the photos just don't look right to me. The long-winded EXIF report and 'same camera' angle was because a Canon Digital rebel is a common camera. I bought mine used from a fellow aviation photograher. I pretty much stood in the same place the Stephen photos were taken because there isn't much room on that hairpin turn, road shoulder,,,a very dangerous curve on a Mtn road...

So I know I've opened up 1000 questions, but all I can say is I had nothing to do with the apparent Hoax - in my words - the photo locations 1) Big Basin - I 1st alerted LMH with no answer....2) the Santa Cruz Summitt photos, I was not sure of the location, I thought it would be closer to an area called Mt Bielawski (sp) south of Castle Rock State Park on Hwy 35 in the Santa Cruz Mtns....I actually drove up there and looked but not until after I contacted TKDavis Investigations. I could not find the location......but, I did notify the Private Investigators( and I am not saying who for now..) and I did tell them the Chad photos ( supposed to be Bakersfield,CA area) those photos looked like the view point behind the old Summitt Inn & Restaurant on Hwy 17 at the Santa Cruz Summit(now a different name & owner?)....looking towards the Ocean. Truth...when those photo locations were publicized, It was from the PI's as they are the one's who checked my Lead, and found the location........again, I didn't have time to go look...but they found it - no problem...matched the tree line,etc...and the rest is History. They are the one's who found it. Those photos, from my photographic experience, are 'superimposed' phony pictures-also. I've always felt if the photographer was 'right on' they would find a way to be contacted and interviewed. I did,,,but look what happened.....so the discovery of the Chad location on Hwy 17 Summitt in Los Gatos wasn't sinister - I told the PI's to keep me out of it...because I really didn't care. Sure, it would be neat to get to the bottom of it......but my guess is the people starting this Drone Sighting item......are laughing big-time...!!!I thought the CARET documents looked good at 1st,,,,but then again, anybody can write a Novel.....

Just my thoughts..

MarsAve "

And MarsAve posted on the same thread on the 10th January 2009
in reply to a question asking how he was able to identify the areas in question:

Ok,,when the 1st photos of the Drone posted by Stephen in 'Big Basin" were posted on the C2C website - I thought the information didn't add up because I read his posting location to be in "Big Basin State Park'(BBSP)..though people can say I read too much into it then,,,I knew the ridgeline in the background of the photo wasn't BBSP - it doesn't fit the terrain that I worked in...it did in fact remind me of Bohlman Rd Ridge -Saratoga- which I reported to LMH on my 1st e-mail ever to her about the subject. 1st indication was the houses in the photo. BBSP doesn't have any ridges like that with houses.....so that is what started me looking into the accuracy of the whole thing.

The Chad location photos, I thought we actually going to be south of Mt Bielawski in the Skyline rd( Hwy 35 area) south of Castle Rock state park. I did in fact look there also, but due to time constraints - I didn't go further that day. I alerted the TKDavis Investigators to check behind the old Summit Inn and Restaurant( now a different name) on Hwy 17 Summit in Los Gatos/Santa Cruz,CA border area, because the photo angle to me , looked very similar to that area - even though I did not know the photo was reversed, until the PI's told me...but it did remind of the area....the location proved it. I did work this area for many many years...repetition was the key to the memory.


The Rajman1977 Utility Pole/s

Another very recent announcement is that the location of the elusive Rajman1977 pole has been found, the pole was the onus and the motivation for the mainstream press coverage that the Drones received early 2008. This coverage was engineered by the ever resourceful Private Investigators who were enlisted by the DRT apparently at the behest of an unannounced source (of funding).


The announcement was made at the DRT forum on the 9th January 2009 and was as follows:

The "Raj" Pole has been found by a coordinated effort of the DRT.

The PIs and DRT have been on-site to conclusively determine that this is the exact same pole as seen in the Raj photos.

The pole is not within the Capitola limits.

Research in the neighbourhood requires total discretion. No questions shall be answered at this time.

Further investigative results will follow at a later time. Questions may be entertained at that time.

And the following corroborative images were posted:
A little later the same day (Jan 9th) the following image was posted which is the
other pole & lamp visible in the Rajman1977 images:

And as you can see below it's certainly the pole in question.

And as the following basic animations again confirm that it is indeed the pole & lamp visible in the Rajman1977 images:

The image below uses the utility pole as a reference point.
And this image below uses the street-lamp as a reference point.

Unfortunately at the minute the distance from Capitola is unknown so it's not possible to say how malicious this purposeful misdirection was intended to be, but purposeful misdirection it certainly was.

This ISN'T about a witness merely lying to keep his location hidden because similar to the earlier accounts the location was an integral part of the Rajman1977 story as he claimed to have alerted the local media (Sentinel) and actually spotted the Drone whilst sitting on his girlfriend's parents porch and also whilst telling them of their plans to wed fresh after announcing their engagement. So as you can see it's more than just little inaccuracies as it casts doubt over the entire account and everything that was contained within .

To date there are ONLY three of the original five locations independently verified and guess what?

EVERY SINGLE witness has lied about their respective location.

Rajman1977 wrote:
"This week I was visting my fiance's parents in Capitola (we were actually there to tell them about our engagement, in fact).
We were eating dinner on the back porch when we noticed this "object" sort of hovering in the sky.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation,
nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.

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