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Lake Tahoe/Mufon Wife Additional Information

Mufon Original Lake Tahe Report - (Front)

Unfortunately very little is known or has come to light since the Lake Tahoe sighting first occurred.

It was originally submitted/posted to Mufon by someone who became known as the *Lake Tahoe Drone* or *Mufon/wife*. Two cell-phone images were submitted along with a wholly unremarkable and quite plausible series of events which surrounded the photographing of `the Drone.

B.J. Booth over at UFOCasebook.com seen it, picked it up and posted it at his website which receives massively more hits than the Mufon CMS, and the rest is as the say history.

Mufon Original Lake Tahe Report - (Complete)

When Mufon investigated the Lake Tahoe report it was filed together with the Rajman1977 report as a single investigation.

Enter Steve Reichmuth….. (For Further Details & Mufon DroneHoax.com page here)

As with everything regarding the Drones then this particular sequence of events were a little strange, Steve Reichmuth registered at the Open Minds Forum, posted a lengthy comment declaring it as a hoax and claimed to be doing so as a Mufon researcher who was investigating the case, before promptly returning, deleting both his posts and his account with no further statement/s.

What follows is the post made by Steve Reichmuth at the Open Minds Forum.
Steve came back soon after and deleted the post. (Full Post Available Here)

Steve wrote: (5/28/07 at 2:00pm)

It is hard not to comment about this. I am the actual assigned Mufon investigator for these alleged images that appeared in a Mufon internet report. I was interested since Delta posted them at my UFOResearcher.com web site. I had some computer generated image experts I know analyze them. Then soon later...a CMS case report shortly later appeared of the same object in my investigation geographical area I cover for Mufon..., and I then had to swing into action on the Lake Tahoe images, and then all the others too in total.

Because of the sensitivity of these images being associated with Linda Moulton Howe's 'Earth files' web site, I requested further experts within MUFON examine the same images for further peer review. This was granted. These experts I will not disclose now....but will be named in any future paper I may someday have to write for the Mufon Journal. Needless to say, they are some of the best photo analysis's in Mufon, and in the world.

All these experts (four) agree emphatically. These images, some 22 and counting are all frauds - 'fakes'. Not only are they fakes, but two experts independently stated they are not even good fakes! Interestingly, they each pointed out different reasons, and because they were consulted individually...just widens the case file with more detailed useful data.


I will not be unkind to Linda Moulton Howe, but I remain dismayed as to why she perpetuates this. Several fundamental early investigative checks where conveniently ignored. This saddens me, without any animosity toward her, and makes me then only wonder about her many earlier claims regarding her pioneering cattle mutilation research. I hope she has not hurt herself. Her 'Earth files' is a paid subscription newsletter.

The confidential report within the Mufon CMS will remain confidential. But I will confide this much...it is classified as a 'HOAX'.

The 'coast to coast' images have spilled out freely and in a way that the general public can form only one or two impressions...and they are all not necessarily good for Ufology. Coast to Coast has said on the air the 'images look real to us'.....but they can now only appear to be interested more in 'radio stchick' than their higher minded shallow boast of seeking the truth.

Much of this is under the radar sort of speak....but I can say those I have worked with within Mufon have quietly handled this case superbly.


Respectfully, these are my personal opinions being directly 'hands on' involved, and are not necessarily those of Mufon.


Mufon - Northern California
SSD - Alameda / Contra Costa Co.

Unfortunately Mufon operates a 'closed forum' which you can't just browse but the following are three comments relating to the Lake Tahoe Drone and were all posted by Steven Reichmuth who is a moderator at the Mufon forum.

Post by Steve Reichmuth on Mar 19, 2008, 7:18pm »

"Ah! You scooped me Star Child! I was about to post the exact same thing! Thank you....as usual!

Amazing. I was involved directly initially with one of these cases, not the Capitola one, but another one (2 cell phone photos) supposedly taken at Lake Tahoe. Along with it in the CMS file, a bogus email address. I had Saino and Macabee in Mufon, and earlier two CGI special effects experts outside of Mufon, sympathetic to Mufon's goals look at these and the Capitola versions of these drone images too. I can state it now, since it has been published by Mufon HQ - (Carrion).... these images are fake. The special effects people added they were not even good fakes. One of the CGI people works directly for the History channels 'UFO files'.

Here is an image (1 of 2) from that Lake Tahoe 'drone' from my CMS case assigned to me & completed. My 'Lake Tahoe' portion of the mystery at least. CMS case #7013, Log # US-05122007-0003. After responces from the digital photo experts, I labeled the case a 'hoax' on May 16, 2007. Shortly after that, Carrion picked up the entire 'drone' thing, and continued his own broader investigation."

Post by Steve Reichmuth on Mar 29, 2008, 1:04pm » (Mufon Forum)

"Only writing from my own personal experience. I gave up on 'Open Minds', they are anything but open. Maybe they are simply reporting it. No apparent check of their sources. A long list of anonymous sources everywhere. They did everything so backwards. Failing to check the images first, that would have saved them much energy. Maybe Earth files perhaps needed the revenue. People at Open minds panned Mufon, not wanting to be inconvenienced by a number of facts early on. I still think this was some kind of disinformation pattern to distract us from Chicago's O'Hare event, or other sightings along those lines. It is so easy to do this. People have seen so many things on their own. When something like the 'drone hoax' circulates, it so easily to do...it's scary. We are the culprits here really, and the disinformation people, what ever their intent was, they must be laughing. We make it so easy for them. A description of a 3 ton sail boat soon becomes a story about a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier. There is a lesson here.

As art work, the drones are beautiful examples of CGI. As reality? Not this time."


Post by Steve Reichmuth on Apr 9, 2008, 6:36pm » (Mufon Forum)

"I can make two authoritative comments regarding the infamous 'drone hoax'. I was the investigator in the 'Mufon 7013' part of this portion of this bogus saga only. If that makes me 'authoritative' in that regard only, then so be it.

1. The witness name in the 'Mufon 7013' CMS case known here in this article as 'Mufon 7013' I can confirm was fictitious.

2. If the CGI expert mentioned in StarChild's article was related to this 'Mufon 7013' case, then I can state authoritatively that of the four CGI or digital image analysis experts that I consulted, Mr. Kris Avery was NOT one of them. Mr. Avery of OMF may have been consulted on other drone reports. He was not contacted related to my case I investigated. If I even did know of him at that particular time... I likely would not have asked for his opinion, as he would have been more likely initially viewed as a suspect, than as an unbiased expert.

LMH did not include the 'Mufon 7013 report' in her chronology. Perhaps LMH was given access to it, and must have read my 'case deposition.'

This post seems pretty damning of 'LMH'. Unless new information comes to me to the contrary (that I would consider most welcome), I would not disagree with this assessment."

Also James Carrion the current International Director of Mufon visited the OMF for a eleven day sojourn and making 65 posts in two threads resulting in them both being locked. While he was at the forum I answered his question regarding what Steven Reichmuth had posted as well as asking the following.:

I believe Steve wrote:

"The confidential report within the Mufon CMS will remain confidential. But I will confide this much...it is classified as a 'HOAX'..... Respectfully, these are my personal opinions being directly 'hands on' involved, and are not necessarily those of Mufon. "

Is this correct, and if so has this classification changed, is your current investigation to further strengthen this classification, an attempt to counter it or a completely new investigation?

Since the original sightings that Mufon investigated, have the subsequent Drone images and Isaac documentation been attached to the prior ones (Mufon Case #7013) i.e. is this an all encompassing investigation or is it a selective one? And if so do the new additions inherit the classification of the originals?

Or were the first two accounts maintained in this fashion because you had reason to believe they originated from the same source, is this belief still held and if so has any further attempts to verify this fact been pursued?

(The following wasn't posted to this forum)

He also wrote that he personally emailed the "Tahoe wife" witness several times and that they never replied, is this how you discovered it was, "a bogus email" or has further analysis been carried out?

Steve has also said that after gaining permission from Mufon that the images were sent to your own Mufon photo consultants, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, and Mr. Jeff Sainio. He adds that, " The result was unanimous the images were fakes ".

Can you verify this?

Many thanks....."

James Carrions reply was a token gesture and I believe was somewhat intentionally evasive, skirting around the issues and answering questions I'd never really asked.

« Result #10 on Jan 15, 2008, 10:26am »

"Steve's assessment was based on the two photos submitted to MUFON. Our wider special investigation encompasses the entire set of photos and ISAAC documents. We are at an impasse in our research because the photo witnesses do not check out. If we can't track down the real photo witnesses, then this case will not receive a label.

Steve never received responses to the email address left by the alleged witness.

Jeff Sainio and Bruce Maccabee's assessment will be included in the MUFON Journal article."

James published the Drone article in the April, 2008 Mufon journal where he confirmed what had been previously posted by Murillo in the email which was circulated regarding the Lake Tahoe witnesses name, James Carrion wrote the following:

Deborah’s Report

On May 12th, 2007, a person going by the name of Deborah McKinley of San Jose, California, submitted a report to MUFON’s website with two cell phone photos allegedly taken in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, on May 5th, 2007, of a similar airborne craft from MUFON CMS Case 7013.